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Andale 19/32 Inch BSP Snaplock Adapter


Andale is Australia's leading supplier for beer dispensing, commercial fittings and equipment in the beverage industry. Equipment produced by Andale is all 100% Australian made with tighter tolerances and a reputation within the commercial industry that rivals its competitors. 

Snaplock fittings are compatible with snaplock gas nozzles, snaplock nozzles and more.

Used for converting Cornelius style kegs into post mix systems for commercial businesses or for homebrewers who use snaplock fittings.

To convert your corny keg with snaplock adapters simply unscrew your gas and liquid ball lock posts and screw in these snaplock adapters, you can then begin pouring your beverage of choice from a Cornelius style keg.


- 100% Australian Made

- Stainless Steel build

- Designed for commercial applications as well as homebrew

- Compatible with Snaplock fittings