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Andale 4mm Snaplock Gas Nozzle


Andale is Australia's leading supplier for beer dispensing, commercial fittings and equipment in the beverage industry. Equipment produced by Andale is all 100% Australian made with tighter tolerances and a reputation within the commercial industry that rivals its competitors. 

The male component when using snaplock fittings. Compatible with both 4mm and 5mm Internal diameter tubing. Creates a seal using a nut and olive system. Features an integrated one way check valve to stop beer going back into gas lines.

If you would like to use this nozzle with 6mm Internal diameter tubing you will need to purchase the Andale 6mm Nut and Olive to suit your tubing.


- 100% Australian Made

- Stainless Steel build

- Designed for commercial applications as well as homebrew

- Compatible with Snaplock fittings