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Juicy Hop Bundle


A full arsenal of juicy, high oil hops for you to experiment with in your next beers! Save when buying as a bundle too!

The ideal pack for the lovers of the NEIPA's, Hazy IPA's, XPA's juicy pale ale's and any beer with juicy flavours and aromas. Juicy hops from around the world to really make your next juicy beers explode with flavour. Buy as a bundle and save!


One of the most widely recognised hops due to its long standing position as a flavour bomb. Can be used successfully as a single hop or paired alongside other hops to provide a strong juicy base. Flavour profile features juicy mango, pineapple, passionfruit, lime and grapefruit notes while providing strong citrus tones.

Australia's pride and joy when it comes to juicy hops. Notably used in Feral brewing's Biggie Juice to provide a huge hop punch. Fast becoming a staple hop worldwide for its reliability and delicious flavours. Flavour profile features tropical fruit and strong passionfruit flavours with citrus undertones. Works particularly well in NEIPA's and big beers especially when utilised in late additions or dry hops.

Named after the range of flavours and aromas it provides and the way it can blend for work with almost any hop. Strong citrusy flavours with a very unique piney hit. Fruit flavours are also apparent with notes of mango, pineapple and oranges.

Nelson Sauvin
A New Zealand variety that is becoming more and more popular in fresh modern IPA's and juicy beers, Fresh and citrusy with notes of white grape or gooseberry. Great for giving a smooth bitterness or used as a late addition or dry hopped for a fresh clean 'bright' hop flavour. Works particularly well when paired with other juicy hops.


Size options:

Trial Pack - Save 11% on individual price
- 100g Citra
- 100g Galaxy
- 100g Mosaic
- 100g Nelson Sauvin

Pro Brewer Pack - Save 12% on individual price
- 250g Citra
- 250g Galaxy
- 250g Mosaic
- 250g Nelson Sauvin


Our hops are packaged in resealable foil bags to keep your hops fresh! Once your hop bag is opened simply reseal it and store it as close to 0 degrees as possible! Properly stored hops will last years.

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