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Brix/Baume/Specific Gravity Converter

Conversion Calculator

Conversion Calculator

How to Use the Calculator

Enter a known value into any of the fields (Brix, Specific Gravity, Density, Plato, or Baume) and the other fields will automatically update with the corresponding converted values.

Conversion Formulas

Brix: A scale used to measure the sugar content in a liquid. It is often used in winemaking, brewing, and the sugar industry.

Specific Gravity: Calculated from Brix using the formula:
SG = 1 + (Brix / (258.6 - ((Brix / 258.2) * 227.1)))

Density (g/L): Calculated from Brix using the formula:
Density = 1000 + (Brix * 4.7)

Plato: A measure of the concentration of extract in wort, often used in brewing. It is approximately equal to Brix.

Baume: A scale used to measure the specific gravity of liquids. It is calculated from Brix using the formula:
Baume = Brix / 1.8



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