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Brew HQ Fresh Wort Starter Brewery Kit with PET Bottles

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The perfect starter kit for beginners who want to make the highest quality beer, right from the start.

The Brew HQ Fresh Wort Starter Brewery Kit with PET Bottles is an all-inclusive package, providing everything you need to begin brewing your own delicious beers at home. Our Fresh wort stater kits include all the necessary high quality ingredients and equipment to brew your first 2 cases worth of beer. 

We have made this kit as simple as possible without sacrificing quality. Included in the kit is a comprehensive instruction manual that will walk you through the entire brewing process. If at any point you get stuck or have questions our experienced team of brewers are here to help!

Starter Kit Options:

Hoppy Trails American Pale Ale (Includes Dry Hops): A malty pale ale with a rich backbone and light, crushable body. A lighter mouthfeel and complex caramel notes perfectly balance with a moderate bitterness to provide an easy drinking pale ale. Feel free to take some creative license with dry hops or omit them completely for a more traditional pale ale. Includes 50g of dry hops for a fresh hop flavour in your final beer!

Sakura Summit Japanese Rice Lager: Sakura (the Japanese word for cherry blossom) Summit is a refreshing Japanese style lager that embodies the light, delicate flavours of spring. With its bright, malty notes and crisp finish, it's like taking a sip of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Featuring a large dose of flaked rice accompanied by pilsner malt this beer finishes super dry with a crisp and crushable body. This beer is perfect for those seeking a refreshing and approachable drinking experience. Kanpai!

Cosmic Juice NEIPA (Includes Dry Hops): A full bodied hazy IPA with a light bitterness and big fluffy mouthfeel. A soft pillowy body serves as a rounded base for a myriad of tropical fruit, citrus and stone fruit flavours to shine. Ensure to generously dry hop for best (and juiciest) results. Includes a whopping 200g of dry hops to add a burst of juicy flavour to your hazy IPA.


Brew HQ Fresh Wort Starter Kit Instructions


  • 30L Fermenter and Screw on Lid
  • Vintage Airlock
  • Fermenter Tap
  • Stick on Thermometer
  • 30 x 750mL PET Bottles and Lids
  • Triple Scale Hydrometer
  • Plastic Hydrometer Sample Jar
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Rapid Bottler
  • Bottle Brush
  • Mixing Paddle
  • Dry Hopping Bag
  • Kveik Lutra High Temperature Ale Yeast
  • Carbonation Drops
  • Sodium Percarbonate Brewery Cleaner and¬†Sanitiser
  • StellarSan Phosphoric Acid Based Steriliser
  • Your Choice of 20L Fresh Wort Kit (and hops where applicable)

Frequently asked questions:

How long will my beer last after being bottled?

Some styles of beer should be drank fresh while others can benefit from extended conditioning time. If you follow good cleaning and sanitising practises your beer can last longer than a year.

How long does it take to brew?

Making beer with fresh wort kits is incredibly quick and easy. There are a few stages of the brewing process , each taking a different amount of time.

Hands on brewing time: 30 minutes
Fermenting time: 2 - 12 days
Bottling time: 45 - 90 minutes
Bottle Conditioning: 1 - 2 weeks

Will I need to purchase anything else before I start brewing?

If you have selected a starter kit that includes bottles or a kegging starter kit you will not need anything else to start brewing.

We include enough cleaner and sanitiser for the next 20+ batches. After you brew your first batch you will only need to purchase a fresh wort kit, yeast and dry hops*.

*Dry Hops will only be required for some of the fresh wort kits.

What makes this starter kit different to others on the market?

Premium Ingredients

Includes a fresh wort kit instead of a malt extract tin which produces a more authentic beer. Our Fresh Wort Kits are made fresh from grain, hops and water in the same way breweries produce beer. This means your beer retains more of the unique flavours that are often lost in the process of making an extract beer tin.

Quality Yeast

Includes Lutra Kveik Yeast instead of a generic brewers yeast. Lutra Kveik is particularly well suited to Australian climate and will ferment happily in a range of temperatures without producing off flavours. Most starter kits will use a generic yeast that will produce a range of off-flavours when fermented too warm. Inappropriate yeast and fermentation temperature is the most common cause of off-flavours in beers, Lutra Kveik eliminates this.

Enough Cleaner and Steriliser

Includes a dedicated cleaner and sanitiser to ensure your equipment can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before brewing. We include 1kg of cleaner and 500mL of Concentrated Steriliser which is enough for the next 20+ batches.

High Quality, Detailed Instructions

Includes in depth instructions that walk you through brewing your first batch in detail. Many starter kits include basic instructions that leave new brewers confused and don't explain the rationale behind each of the brewing steps.


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