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0 - 150psi - Mini Gauge

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Mini gauges with a pressure range of 0-150psi to suit a multitude of purposes!

These mini gauges can be used to record pressure from pressure rated vessels, water pressure from large tanks, or to replace the standard gauges found in the following devices:
- Inline Regulators
- Blowtie 2 spunding valves
- Core 360 mini regulators

If you plan on using these gauges to monitor pressure in tanks or pressure vessels you will need to drill an 8mm hole and ensure the gauge is secured with screws via the screw holes in the side of the gauge. Screws not included.


Pressure: 0-150psi (0-10bar)
Graduations: PSI, Bar
Material: Brass/Plastic/Copper Capillary
Gauge Diameter: 20mm
Probe Diameter: 7.8mm (designed to fit 8mm hole)
Accuracy: +- 10% of Maximum gauge pressure 


Do not exceed gauge pressure.  If you exceed gauge pressure it will damage the capillary in the gauge and prevent the gauge from working correctly.  NEVER exceed the maximum gauge display pressure range. Not approved for oxygen.

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