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20L Natural Cube - Hot Cube


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Storage of wort, cooling with ease or transporting liquids. Hot cubes are be coming increasingly popular in Australia for a myriad of reasons and are an essential part of every all grain brewers arsenal.

All grain brewers know very well how difficult it can be to cool your wort to pitching temperatures. Even those who use counterflow chillers or immersion chillers will only be able to get their wort down to the temperature of their groundwater at the very lowest. During warmer months water from the tap can exceed 30 degrees celcius depending on location. This is where hot cubing comes in handy, simply transfer boiling wort to the cube, squeeze out the air and put the cube in a cool room, fridge or swimming pool until your wort reaches an appropriate temperature.

Many time poor brewers benefit from cubes too. Cubing means you can store your wort while you go through busy periods where there's not enough time to brew, cubing also eliminates the clean up times associated with chillers. In the case of plate chillers this can take up to a few hours, even with a more clean chiller it's one more thing to worry about.

20 litre capacity is increased to approximately 25 litres when boiling wort is added.

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Keith Mcauliffe
5 star

Far better way to cool down boil, no water wasted.



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