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30L Fermzilla All Rounder

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- All rounder tank
- Stainless Steel Handle Assembly
- Low profile 304 stainless stand
- Senior Airlock
- Pressure rated lid
- Stick on thermometer
- Red Pressure relief valve (Rated to 2.5 bar or 35psi)
- Stick on graduation Sticker 


Easy Cleaning

The Fermzilla features smooth HDPE construction with a large opening allowing even brewers with bigger arms to get inside and give them a scrub. The round design also means there's no nooks or hard to reach areas where potential micro-organisms could hide.

Pressure Fermenting

Give yourself the ability to ferment under pressure, not only will you lower ester production allowing more malt and hop flavours to shine instead of yeast character you can ferment at warmer temperatures than normal, meaning total fermenting time is reduced.

Closed Transfers

Sick and tired of huge hoppy beers not doing so well after transferring them your kegs after a week or so? This could be due to the oxidative processes beer undergoes in the presence of oxygen. Closed transferring allows you to transfer your beer using positive pressure in your fermenter to a purged keg so your beer doesn't see oxygen and lasts longer without loosing freshness.

Oxygen Free Dry Hops

Easily purge your Fermzilla using external CO2 (not included) to remove excess oxygen that can be introduced into your beer when dry hopping, particularly late in fermentation.

Monitor fermentation visually

Unlike stainless steel fermenters and opaque HDPE fermenters the fermzilla is made from transparent PET. This means you can see exactly whats going on during fermentation without removing your fermenter lid. This is a particularly great feature for those who use krausen thickness to dictate dry hop timings. 

Use your fermenter as a keg

Carbonate and dispense directly from your fermenter, using the floating dip tube!




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