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60cm Thermowell with Duotight 8mm x 1/4" BSP Bulkhead

Fermzilla Accessories
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This thermowell enables precise wort temperature readings from the centre of your liquid, ensuring accuracy in measurement.

Having the thermowell attach to the lid of a fermenter is ideal as it means the penetration through the fermenter body is at the top of the fermenter not below the liquid line.  This makes the whole process more sanitary and reduces the number of difficult parts to clean.

This thermowell can be pushed through a bung with a 6-8mm hole but it's also includes the duotight bulkhead fitting that you can use to attach this thermowell to the lid of your KegMenter, FermZilla or other fermenter with a thin lid.

Please Note: To ensure a secure grip and prevent slipping under pressure, use Tube Cutters to create a score line for the duotight to fit into. This versatile tool can also be used for shortening the thermowell when used in a smaller fermenter.

Suitable for:

- RAPT Temperature Controller
- Inkbird 308 Temperature Controller
- Temperature probes with a diameter less than 6.5mm


Thermowell Length: 600mm
Thermowell OD: 8mm (compatible with 8mm duotight)
Thermowell ID: 7mm
Thermowell Materiał: Stainless Steel
Nut thickness: 6-7mm

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