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8L PET Keg Bundle - 8L Mini Keg and Tapping Head

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A cost effective way to get into kegging on a small scale!

This 8L keg is light weight, compact and has high oxygen barrier properties with 3x less gas transmission than traditional PET, making it suitable for beer storage or other oxygen sensitive carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

Made from Oxebar Mono,  a PET polymer blend that utilises several polymers blended together to significantly improve gas barrier properties. When compared with standard PET, plastic Oxebar Mono is able to reduce oxygen ingress and CO2 loss so your precious beverage is preserved and shelf life extended by x3. We recommend this product for beer stored in keg up to 6 months.

These kegs are compatible with traditional ball lock disconnects using the tapping head (included)


- PCO38 x PCO1881 hydra tapping head
- Red Carbonation Cap
- Yellow Carbonation Cap
- 2.5 bar PRV
- Dip tube filter
- 8L Injection moulded PET keg
- PCO1881 PRV Cap
- Dip Tube


Diameter: 155mm
Height: 520mm


Do not exceed 4 bar (65 psi).

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