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BadMotivator Legacy Barrel - American Oak Medium Toast Char 2 - M2

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Gorgeous 6.5 litre barrels designed specifically for aging small batches of spirit by mimicking the Surface Area to Volume ratios of commercial oak barrels.

Bad Motivator Barrels redefine the art of small scale spirit aging through an innovative design that uses a lower surface area to volume ratio between spirit and oak. Most small barrels (smaller than 15 litres) have a very large surface area compared to the very small amount of spirit being matured. This large contact area rapidly extracts flavour and tannin leading to a spirit that is 'overoaked', common descriptors for an overoaked spirit include an intense woody taste, pronounced astringency, bitterness, and a dry mouthfeel. The large surface area:volume ratio of standard mini oak barrels means the spirit will become overoaked before complexity and smoothness develops. 

Bad Motivator Barrels solve this problem by emulating a similar surface area:volume to commercial spirit barrels. This means that oak flavours infuse slower and give the spirit time to properly mature, developing a deeper complexity and smoother finish.

Barrel Specifications:

Toast Level: Medium
Char Level: 2 (Medium Charring)
Oak: American White Oak
Capacity: 6.5 litres (1.8 Gallon)
Barrel Diameter (widest): 221mm
Barrel Height: 245mm
Materials: Wood, Stainless Steel, Beeswax
Identifier: M2


  • Made from Quartersawn American White Oak, known for its ability to age sprits for a long time (Up to 15 or more years).
  • Stainless steel can and spigot provide an inert material that won’t impact the flavour
  • White Oak bung and beeswax application ensure a tight seal for optimal aging.

Toast and Char Guide:

The toast and char levels of a barrel have a significant impact on the final flavor profile of a spirit. Here are some general suggestions based on different toasting and charring combinations:

Light Toast, Char 1:

Gin: A light toast with minimal char is great for gin, which benefits from subtle flavor enhancements that don't overshadow its botanicals.
White Rum: This combination will add a bit of complexity without making the rum too heavy or oaky.
Tequila: This would add a subtle depth to silver tequila-style spirits if you're interested in aging it for a short period.

Medium Toast, Char 2:

Bourbon Whiskey: A medium toast with a #2 char provides a balanced profile, adding a touch of caramel and vanilla flavours.
Rye Whiskey: This brings out the spicy notes in rye whiskey while balancing it with some sweeter undertones.
Apple Brandy: This combo complements the fruitiness of the brandy.

Medium-Plus Toast, Char 3:

Scotch: A deeper toast and more significant char contribute complexity to Scotch-style whiskies.
Aged Rum: This combo can give the rum more depth and a more balanced profile.
Mezcal: For those interested in aging Mezcal-style spirits, a medium-plus toast and #3 char can add a lot of intrigue without overwhelming the spirit's natural smokiness.

Heavy Toast, Char 4:

Dark Rums: A heavy toast with a high char level is excellent for producing a rich, deeply flavored rum.
Bold Bourbons: For a bourbon with robust flavors, a heavy toast and #4 char can bring out dark chocolate, coffee, and smoky notes.
Armagnac: This would add substantial body and complexity to a grape-based spirit.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and the actual outcome can vary based on many factors like the original spirit, aging time, and environmental conditions. Feel free to experiment and find what suits your personal taste best!

Please Note: The unique aging process may result in variations in appearance and texture, adding to the barrel’s distinctiveness. Every barrel comes with its own unique serial number, so the one you receive might differ from the one shown in the picture.

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