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Bluestone Michigan Ale Yeast 120mL - BSY-A012

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Attenuation: 74-80%
Flavour & Aroma:
Stone fruit, Crisp, and Clean
Ideal Fermentation Temperature:
1 Pack in 20-25L with a gravity of < 1.060

Stone fruit esters and a crisp dry finish makes this yeast the ideal candidate for West Coast IPA's!

Michigan will shape a strong IPA, producing stone fruit esters that work great when paired with citrus hops. Michigan will give you what you need for an exceptionally balanced IPA. This strain is STA-1 negative, meaning it is not a diastaticus strain and won't convert sugars in your wort and over attenuate. Capable of brewing beers of up to 12% abv.

Similar to:

  • A04
  • Conan
  • WLP095

Great for brewing:

  • Ale
  • Porter
  • West Coast IPA

About Bluestone:

Bluestone Yeast, founded by microbiologist Derek Lacey and his brother Damien, is dedicated to producing premium liquid yeast in Melbourne. Since 2018, the company has been providing fresh, lab-packed yeast with speedy delivery, ensuring maximum yeast viability for homebrewers and pro brewers alike. Their commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that their products consistently exceed industry standards and deliver exceptional results for brewers. Each 120mL homebrew pack contains 200 billion cells meaning, unlike most liquid yeast, no yeast starters are required under most circumstances. (we'd still highly reccomend them for big beers!)



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