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Choccy Milk - Milk Stout - Extract Recipe Kit

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A complete recipe kit for extract brewers. Includes all the ingredients as well as instructions to brew a delicious chocolate flavoured milk stout; includes real cocoa nibs! Great for enjoying after dinner in the middle of winter.

We recommend kegging styles like this and maturing for a few months before enjoying. 

Approximate ABV: 4.6%
Final Volume (fermenter): 21L
Colour (EBC): 65
Ideal Fermenting Temperature: 18°C - 21°C
IBU: 40
Brewing time: 30 Minutes
Fermenting time: 7 days

Flavour: A big body with rich roasted flavours. Roast notes of cocoa, coffee and a light astringency. Balanced bitterness compliments a light sweetness. Gentle chocolatey flavours linger after each mouth full. Little to no yeast flavours.

Aroma: Roasty flavours with rich nose filling feeling. Mild chocolate with a complex aroma.

    Please note: ABV will be 0.5% higher when bottling and this kit does not include carbonation drops or priming sugar. 

    This kit also requires a small amount of vodka (not included).

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