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Citrus Blast - NEIPA - Extract Recipe Kit



A complete recipe kit for extract brewers. Includes all the ingredients as well as instructions to brew a delicious New England IPA, one of the most popular beer styles currently on the market; known for its huge hop flavours and aromas, light colour and hazy look. Buying your brews as a kit gives you a 10% saving too!

We recommend kegging styles like this and drinking fresh - within 2-3 months of bottling or kegging for the best results. Hop bags also make dry hopping easy; you can get them here.

 Approximate ABV: 5.8%
Final Volume (fermenter): 20L
Colour (EBC): 9
Ideal Fermenting Temperature: 18 - 21
IBU: >20
Brewing time: 30 Minutes
Fermenting time: 7 days

Flavour: Strong citrus notes with notes of apricot, pineapple and tropical fruit. Malty flavours are not as prominent as hop flavours but still create a balanced flavour with slightly sweet notes. Bitterness is very minimal with no harshness that a traditional IPA would have. 

Aroma: Punchy hop aroma of candy and citrus tones. Smell is akin to a mild bowl of fruit salad with lime juice.

    Please note: ABV will be 0.5% higher when bottling and this kit does not include carbonation drops or priming sugar.