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Citrus Blast - NEIPA - Extract Recipe Kit

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 A complete recipe kit for extract brewers. Includes all the ingredients as well as instructions to brew a delicious New England IPA, one of the most popular beer styles currently on the market; known for its huge hop flavours and aromas, light colour and hazy look. 

We recommend kegging styles like this and drinking fresh - within 2-3 months of bottling or kegging for the best results. Hop bags also make dry hopping easy; you can get them here.

 Approximate ABV: 5.8%
Final Volume (fermenter): 20L
Colour (EBC): 9
Ideal Fermenting Temperature: 18 - 21
IBU: >20
Brewing time: 30 Minutes
Fermenting time: 7 days

Flavour: Strong citrus notes with notes of apricot, pineapple and tropical fruit. Malty flavours are not as prominent as hop flavours but still create a balanced flavour with slightly sweet notes. Bitterness is very minimal with no harshness that a traditional IPA would have. 

Aroma: Punchy hop aroma of candy and citrus tones. Smell is akin to a mild bowl of fruit salad with lime juice.

    Please note: ABV will be 0.5% higher when bottling and this kit does not include carbonation drops or priming sugar. 

    This kit alone will not come out particularly hazy as extracts are filtered and cleared in the brewing process. To get a hazy finish we highly recommend adding a hazy steeping pack!


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