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Crystal Clear Kölsch - Kölsch - All Grain Recipe Kit


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 Style: Kölsch
Flavour notes: Malty, Crispy, Assertive, Bread, Complex
ABV: 5.0%
Fermenting Temperature: 16°C
Beer Type: Ale
Total volume produced: 23 Litres
Brewfather recipe link: Crystal Clear Kölsch


About our all grain recipe kits:

All the ingredients you need to brew your own fresh, Kölsch using premium grains, hops, yeast and finings (if applicable). An instruction sheet including grain names and quantities, mash volumes and temperatures, kettle and fermenter additions and other guidelines is also included. Our all grain recipes are built and tested for Grainfather, Brewzilla, Guten and Braumaster systems, other brew systems are compatible too!

Originally from Cologne, Germany the Kolsch is becoming an increasingly popular beer style due to its freshness and bright malty flavours. Many see the Kolsch as the lovechild between ale and lager with a character profile that sits between the two. Bright malt flavours with notes of biscuit and bread are backed with a dry crisp finish. Hop flavour is subtle with notes of fruit and a very mild hop flavour. An extremely clear and clean finishing beer, especially with good maturation times. We recommend storing some of your Kolsch for a few months to see how the maturation process improves this beer. Please note the Kölsch yeast is slightly slower than most other ale yeasts and fermentation time may be longer.

Included in the Kit:

- 5.0kg Kölsch Grain Bill (Specific Quantities are included on the recipe sheet)

- 50g Tettnanger Hop Pellets

- 2 X Lallemand Köln Kolsch Yeast

- Whirlfloc Tablet

- Beer Clear finings 

Please note carbonation drops are not included, if bottling you can get them here.


Customer Reviews

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Iain Ewen
Excellent Kolsch

Brewing this one a couple of months ago. Continued to improve with age and was an extremely drinkable and smooth brew. Beats the commercial Kolsch! Used the Brewzilla 35L and followed the recipe as noted.

Highly recommend this one! Give it a try!

Smooth Kolsch

Very new to all grain brewing.
The crew at Brew HQ have been super helpful.
They put us onto this epic Kolsch recipe which I have done two blindfolded taste tests with mates against the 4 pines Kolsch and this recipe got picked everytime.
The Grainfather G30 logs onto the recipe easily and makes brewing super simple.
Highly recommend 👌



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