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EVA Beverage Tubing 4mm x 8mm - Per Meter

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Dual wall tubing consisting of an EVA outer layer and proprietary internal polymer for optimal sealing and beverage protection.

Made with an EVA outter wall and also an inner proprietary polymer barrier. The EVA Beverage Tubing, measuring 4mm in ID and 8mm in OD, is designed to conveniently fit into 8mm push fittings for brewers. This tubing can also be used for barbed fittings however will require gentle heating and stretching.

EVA tubing includes a specialized polymer inner barrier that effectively shields against oxygen and preserves the carbonation in your beverages. With this tubing, your beer and other drinks will maintain their freshness, even when left in the line between servings.

EVA Beverage Tubing 4mm x 8mm boasts a remarkably sleek internal surface and an outstanding resistance to oxygen. This greatly hinders the growth and establishment of bacteria and other microbes within the tubing.

The outter barrier is made from EVA material that seals well when used push in fittings and is much easier to attach to barbed disconnects than our previous bevearge line. EVA outter barrier gives the tubing excellent flexibility so the line is far less likely to kink or crack when it is bent or coiled.


Internal Diameter: 4mm
External Diameter: 8mm


  • 6mm Barb - Not reccomended
  • 8mm Duotight
  • 8mm John Guest
  • 8mm Push in Fittings


  • Medium-High Flexibility
  • Kink Resistant
  • Compatible with John Guest (recommended) or duotight and other John Guest style speed fittings
  • Compatible with barbed fittings
  • Smooth inner wall
  • Low gas permeability 

In the Quantity tab please enter the amount of tubing (in meters) you would like, we will cut and send that amount of tubing.

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