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Floating Dip Tube Corny Conversion Kit


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Convert your standard Cornelius style keg to suit floating dip tubes.


- 80cm Silicon Dip Tube
- Stainless Steel Float ball
- Gas Dip Tube
- Dip Tube Filter

Why convert your kegs?

- Pour your kegs without them standing vertical (make sure to use a one way gas valve)
- Pour the clearest beer from the top of your kegs while your kegs settle
- Stop sucking up trub and yeast from the bottom of your keg when you pour a beer
- Ferment in corny kegs and closed transfer

How to use:

1. Unscrew the liquid post on your Cornelius style keg
2. Remove the long liquid dip tube and replace it with the included short dip tube.
3. Attach your float ball to the silicon tubing included; if you bought the dip tube filter upgrade then attach the float to this and insert the barbed end into your silicon tubing.
4. Inside your Cornelius keg attach the end without the ball float to the underside of your short dip tube that you just installed.
5. Reattach the liquid post.
6. Test your keg under pressure to ensure there are no leaks and liquid can be poured from the liquid post. If not ensure a good seal between the floating dip tube silicon and the gas post.

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Floating dip tubes

Arrived quickly and was an upgraded package. Thankyou 👍. Great service and comms. Highly recommend this business.



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