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Gose Down Easy - Sour Gose - Extract Recipe Kit


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Create your own fresh salty gose or add frozen fruit to create a delicious fruited gose!

A complete recipe kit for extract brewers. Includes all the ingredients as well as instructions to brew a delicious traditional salted sour, the Gose. Pronounced Go-Za, it features a tart sourness and  light body with strong wheat character. This kit also includes instructions to add fruit to your Gose with raspberry, blackberry and cherry examples. 

We recommend kegging styles like this and maturing for a few months before enjoying. 

Approximate ABV: 3.8% (Higher with fruit)
Final Volume (fermenter): 21L
Colour (EBC): 12
Ideal Fermenting Temperature: 21°C - 25°C
IBU: 0
Brewing time: 30 Minutes
Fermenting time: 7 days

Flavour: Tart sourness is followed by wheat notes. Light in body with a crisp finish. Fresh coriander notes linger. Complex yeast derived flavours accompany the light malty flavours. In the case fruit has been added it fruit will shine through and linger on the palate after each drink.

Aroma: Fresh and zesty aroma. In the case fruit has been added a light fruit aroma will be present. Light wheat notes with a zingy smell.

    Please note: ABV will be 0.5% higher when bottling and this kit does not include carbonation drops or priming sugar. 

    This kit also requires a small amount of table salt (not included) and frozen fruit (optional).

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    Richard Meagher
    Everyone has enjoyed this.

    I followed the recipe but only added 500g frozen raspberries, and produced a refreshing (and popular amongst my mates) drink.


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