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Grey Pressure Release Valve (PRV) - 6.9bar (100psi)

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Pressure relief valves act as a safety mechanism built into systems dealing with pressurised gas or liquid. This Model will release pressure once a threshold of 100psi (6.9 bar) is reached.

Pressure relief valve for Cornelius style kegs, MK 4 Kegland Regulators and kegmenter lids. Grey PRV's will open at approximately 6.9 bar and act as a safety mechanism is systems using pressurised gas.

As a safety precaution please make sure PRV's are clean and free of sugar to prevent the spring getting stuck and allowing a higher than stated pressure to build up.

We recommend replacing your PRV every 2 years, or more frequently in situations with continued use as the spring tension can deteriorate over time and cause the PRV to open at lower pressures than stated.

Please note: These pressure relief valves may not be compatible with older kegs or and/or Italian Style Corny kegs.



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