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Mangrove Jack's International Series Munich Lager

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Malty and full bodied with a clean finish. Great for those who love a Helles or Kolsch.

Give this brew a try if you love:

 - Eagle Bay Kolsch
 - Helles Lager

A light hoppy lager modelled on the full bodied beer available across mainland Europe. Serve chilled to appreciate its rich character. 

Generic Yeast Included in Lid.

1.7kg of hopped liquid malt extract.

Batch Statistics:

ABV (approximate): 4.5%
Bitterness (IBU): 15-19
Colour (EBC): 11-15 
Makes: 23 litres.

Tips for making your best beer:

- Use soft water
- Use dechlorinated water or add a Campden Tablet to your brewing water before brewing
- Use a good brew enhancer
- Use a strain of yeast suited to the style of beer you plan on brewing
- Keep fermentation at a constant temperature that the strain of yeast you are brewing with is happy in (generally listed on the packet, on our site, or online; if not flick us an email!)
- After carbonation condition for at least a few weeks
- Keep the entire process as sanitary as possible