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Juniper Berries


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Lightly Dried Juniper berries are the cornerstone of gin production.

Juniper berries add a complex flavour to final spirit with many flavour notes ranging from woody, herbal, piney and all the way to resinous or floral. Juniper berries are not true berries but instead the cone of the plant with lots of flesh that makes them appear as a fruit.

These juniper berries are light dried to concentrate the oil and flavour without suffering from too much drying process which can start to deteriorate the berries themselves.


Juniper berries make up the largest proportion of botanicals in gins. They can be used in dosages from 10 - 35 grams per litre depending on how distinct of a juniper flavour you desire in your gin.


Our juniper berries are packed into resealable foil bags to eliminate UV damage, ensure your berries are kept sealed and so you can reseal these bags after opening. We recommend refrigerating after opening and using the berries within two years of opening. Try to keep your berries out of a moist environment too.

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Rob Di trento
Good berries


Rick Scoones
First purchase from Brew HQ

Hi Guys and Girls.
I made my first purchase a few weeks ago and just wanted to say thanks. The things I received were just as ordered, at a good price, and arrived promptly….I couldn’t have asked for more. I’ll certainly be back for more equipment and consumables in the future.
Kind regards



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