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Lalvin EC-1118 Yeast

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Lalvin EC-1118 is the original ‘prise de mousse’. It was isolated in Champagne and its use is validated by the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC). Its strong competitive character, its ability to ferment at low temperature, good flocculation and excellent alcohol tolerance, make Lalvin EC-1118 an excellent strain to be used in a wide range of applications (such as sparkling wines, fruit wines and ciders).

EC-1118 is the best all rounder for all wine styles in Australia due to its low ester production and high heat tolerance that deals well with the Australian summer heat.

We recommend fermenting EC-1118 between 22 and 28 degrees celsius for best results, lower fermentation temperatures can lead to a stalled ferment. This is particularly evident in low nutrient content wines.


5g sachet: 5-25 litres

125g sachet: 150-300 litres

500g sachet: 300-1000 litres

Customer Reviews

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Paul Bray
My number 1 go to for my zinger beer

High end yeast that delivers excellent results every time - but mind your temperature!

Joy G
Fruit,vegetable wines

A good all purpose yeast

Jan' van der Gronden
Great yeast for Ginger Beer

Clean and neutral yeast. Works well for Ginger beer or cider. Ferment at higher rather than lower temps



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