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Still Spirits Filter Pro

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Filtering or polishing of your spirit can be necessary to obtain a purer and odour-free spirit.

The Filter Pro is a vertical (gravity-fed) filter and is the latest release from Still Spirits. The Filter Pro will process up to 8 L of spirit at a time using 500 g of Granular Carbon With easy-to-use tri-clamps, flow control and a removable door and wall mount, polishing your spirit is no longer a chore!

Using granular carbon means you save money down the track with activated carbon granules being cheaper and having a larger surface area - this means you get the best filtering ability for a better price.


  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Filters 8 L of spirit at a time.
  • Fits up to 500 g of loose Still Spirits Activated Finishing Carbon to remove unwanted flavours from distilled spirit.
  • Additional filter papers included to prevent dust and carbon particles.
  • Long stainless-steel shaft ensures maximum contact time with the carbon.
  • Filter where you want with the removable door & wall mount.
  • Easy to connect tri-clamps & adjustable flow-control.




Hopper, Hopper Lid, Wall-mounted bracket, Door-mounted bracket, Mounting fasteners x 2, Filter Column, Ball Valve, Tri-clamp clamps x 2, Tri-clamp seals x 2, Filter papers pack of 5,500g SS Loose Carbon x 1 


Filter Pro Instructions.pdf

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bernie Ollevou
Still Spirit filter

Hi, I have just run my first batch of 13 litres at 42%
Sugar wash through the Still Spirit filter, I’m impressed to say the least, no carryover smell or taste Vodka is the first thing that comes to mind very happy with the results, high recommendation,

Alan Evans

Quick and easy to deal with. Will certainly order again. Great job. Keep up the good work

matt c
Still Spirits Filter Pro

Ive previously tried the 2 bucket filter (EZ Filter System) and various water filters but have usually been disappointed. I bought this as a last go at filtering and for once, was able to notice a decent and obvious improvement in the final product
Biggest plus (aside from actually working) is that It comes with a door hook so you dont have to drill holes in the wall
Biggest negative is that it comes with a ball valve when it really should be a needle valve however the outlet fits the water inlet pipe from the T500 so you can add that and get decent flow control


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