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Private Preserve Wine Preserver - Portable Argon Gas Dispenser

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Protect up to 120 bottles of wine or other beverages that are sensitive to oxidation after opening!

Inert Argon gas is used to purge the headspace of wine bottles to eliminate oxidation and extending the shelf life of your wine and other oxygen sensitive products. Homebrewers can also utilise the inert properties of Argon gas to preserve a range of fermented products after opening. Simply spray a few seconds worth of argon gas into the bottle then reseal and enjoy a fresh beverage next time you want to enjoy a drink!


- Endorsed by the world’s best known wine critics!
- “10 out of 10” Ranked #1 by Decanter Magazine
- Used by over 1,000 wineries worldwide including; Mouton Rothschild, Opus One, Berringer, etc.
- Aside from wine, it can also be used for whiskey, cognac, sake, oil, and vinegar
- Sold in wine shops, liquor stores, kitchenware stores and wineries.

Why wine lovers should use Private Preserve

- Enjoy wine-by the-glass without committing to the whole bottle (or sometimes the second bottle if the first does not go far enough) and enjoy the rest later
- Open multiple bottles that you may be interested in at the same time
- Enjoy a glass white to start and save the bottle. Then move onto a red and save what you do not finish.
-  Save money by not having to throw out wine that has spoiled from the bottle being opened for too long.

How it Works

The reason an opened bottle of wine starts to go bad or tastes like vinegar is due to oxidation (the process of oxygen coming in contact with the wine and reacting). To keep your open wine from spoiling you need to keep oxygen away from the wine.

Sprayed into the bottle this 100% safe gas forms a protective layer (like a gas blanket) on the surface of the liquid, ensuring your wine will not oxidise and preserving the taste and bouquet.

About the Private Preserve Gas

Private preserve uses the same inert gases all wineries use in producing and bottling their wines. Private Preserve uses a custom blend which is predominantly Argon a naturally occurring gas that makes up less than 1% of our atmosphere. As a naturally occurring gas  we breath it in with every breath and it is completely harmless.

Argon is quite a unique in that it’s:

- colourless
- odourless
- flavourless
- reacts with absolutely nothing
- is 2.5 times heavier than air

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