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Pure Distilling Whisky Port Barrel Chunks 500g

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Authentic toasted port barrel chunks sourced from barrels that will age premium Tasmanian Whisky.

Pure Distilling Whisky Port Barrel Chunks are the perfect choice for creating your own whisky. These oak barrel chunks have been reclaimed from barrels that will be used to age premium Tasmanian whisky. Barrel chunks can be added to either neutral spirit or craft distilled whisky to add smooth caramel flavours with dark fruit notes. Enjoy the flavour of toasted oak alongside subtle fruit flavours from the Port soaked into the wood.

These oak chunks can be used multiple times. If using the same oak multiple times ensure to allow adequate time on subsequent soaking for adequate flavour development.

Please note as these barrel chunks are sourced from Port barrels used to age different whisky varieties there will be variation between different batches.

Maturation protocols:

First Soaking: Add 2.5 litres of spirit to 500g of chunks and allow to soak for 14 days before draining and filtering through unbleached coffee filters. This first soaking will yield the most flavour in the least amount of time.
Second Soaking: Add a further 2.3 litres of spirit and soak for 14-28 days or until the desired flavour and colour is reached. Drain and filter as per first soaking.
Third soaking: Add a further 2.3 litres of spirit and soak for 5-6 weeks or until the desired flavour and colour is reached. Drain and filter as per first soaking.

Alternative protocol: Use 40-100g of barrel chunks per litre of alcohol at 60% ABV and soak until the desired flavour is reached before filtering through unbleached coffee filters and diluting to 38% ABV.

Customer Reviews

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Still assessing But!

So I’ve done a first soak as instructions say and it is incredibly dark. Almost black and unsee through which occurred very quickly (only 3-4 days)
Can’t say it’s doing justice yet. Smells very heavily of port without creating a whiskey flavour per se.

Will see what the second and third soaks come
out like but the first one probably won’t get consumed. Better results with an essence or alternative cask chip at this point in time.


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