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RAPT Pill Hydrometer Complete Wireless Charging Upgrade Kit

RAPT Pill Accessories
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No need to disassemble your RAPT Pill housing for charging or to connect to the RAPT Captive Portal!

Experience convenient wireless charging and easy access to the Pill Captive Portal with the RAPT Pill Hydrometer Complete Wireless Charging Upgrade Kit. Say goodbye to opening the housing to reach the USB-C port.

If the green light does not flash green (captive portal open), it means your battery is insufficiently charged. Leave your pill on the charging pad for 24 hours or until it is fully charged (red light turns off). Then lift the Pill on and off the charging pad and it will activate the captive portal (green light will start to flash)

Please note, if your unit is extremely low battery and you put it on the wireless charging dock. It will not immediately go into the captive portal.


1 x USB-C Wireless Charging Coil
2 x Adhesive Weight Pads
1 x USB-A to USB-C cord (AU power plug not supplied)
1 x Black RAPT Wireless Charging Dock (USB-C)

RAPT Pill sold separately

Wireless Charging Deck Specifications

This wireless charging deck uses the Qi Authentication Protocol (version 1.3.3) so it will work with other Qi certified products.  As a result you can use this charging deck for many other wireless devices such as mobile phones etc.

What is RAPT?

The RAPT IOT Hub is a free service whereby any RAPT enabled product can both log and store data to the hub where you can conveniently access this data.  The RAPT hub can also allow you to control your devices remotely giving you absolute control of the device irrespective of where you are.  The RAPT portal enables you to make complex temperature profiles that involve different temperature settings over time meaning you can start/run a temp profile giving you a set and forget experience.  The RAPT portal also controls the alert/notification process for you so you can receive email notification in the off instance that something doesn't go to plan.

There is no limit to the number of RAPT devices you can connect the RAPT IOT Hub. This is in contrast to other popular wireless hydrometers where you are limited by the number of hydrometers you can connect to an app.

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