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Single Hop XPA Grain Bill


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Brew your own fresh XPA using our tried and true XPA recipe. This grain bill gives you the versatility to choose your own hops and yeast!

Please Note: This kit only contains the grains to Brew an Extra Pale Ale. Yeast hops and other ingredients can be purchased separately.

Creates a crisp and fresh beer with a fair amount of body and a soft character. Our go to XPA grain bill. Pairs well with juicy hops.

Reccomended mash temp: 67℃ - 68℃

Beer Style: Pale Ale, XPA, IPA

Grain Kit for our:

Amarillo Single Hop XPA
Cascade Single Hop XPA
Centennial Single Hop XPA
Mosaic Single Hop XPA
Nelson Sauvin Single Hop XPA

3.3kg Joe White Pilsner Malt
0.8kg Joe White Vienna Malt
0.6kg Joe White Wheat Malt
0.2kg Weyermann Carapils

Total: 4.9kg

Our grain kits come in one bag, either milled or unmilled depending on your preference.

Customer Reviews

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Dan Walker
Versatile no brainer

My go-to "already hungover and can't be buggered thinking about what to brew next but if I don't I'll be dirty at myself in 3 weeks when the beer runs out," variant. We've all been there. Unless you brew with woolies kits, then you're clearly lost and shouldn't be reading this review anyway.

Whirlpool hop for 20 mins at 80degC then dry hop at 10C on the way to cold crashing with your fave hop. Hard to beat.



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