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Strata Hop Pellets

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Flavour & Aroma: mango, passionfruit, cannabis, melon, and fresh berry
Crop year:
Alpha Acid (%):15.3
Oil Content (mL/100g):


Country of origin:

Strata is a dual-purpose hop that can be effectively utilised during all stages of the brewing process.

Strata has many layers of different fruit flavor, dried and fresh, anchored with a dried chili-cannabis-funk. These hops are often praised for their unique and complex aromatic profile, which includes notes of passion fruit, citrus, and herbal elements. Strata features a relatively high alpha and oil content making it versatile for all new world styles that are fairly hop driven. Late hot side additions using Strata bring out layers of rounded-tropical plus bright-fresh fruit flavors; dry hopping yields more grapefruit and cannabis. Other descriptors include passion fruit, strawberry and dank. 

Strata hops are primarily grown in the United States, specifically in the Pacific Northwest region. Oregon is particularly known for its cultivation of Strata hops, where the climate and soil conditions contribute to the development of this distinct hop variety. The Willamette Valley in Oregon, with its ideal growing conditions, has become a notable region for the production of Strata hops.

Brewing characteristics: Passion fruit, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Dank


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