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PRE ORDER - Triple Tap Kegerator X Complete

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Pre order basis currently, order a kegerator and we will contact you with an ETA or availability. Alternatively send us an email, Facebook message or call.

Pour your own ice cold drinks like a bar or club would. The Kegmaster series X is the most advanced, reasonably priced dispensing system on the market featuring 15% faster cooling, 10% better energy efficiency and the ability to fit 4 x 19L Cornelius style kegs as apposed to the previous series 4. 

This system features the ability to cool and dispense a 50L commercial keg too, simply attach your relevant commercial coupler and homebrew disconnect adapters and away you go. 

Included in this triple tap bundle is all the equipment you need (excluding your beverage of choice) to cool, carbonate and dispense. These include:

- Kegmaster series X Fridge

- 3 x 19L Cornelius Style Kegs

- Triple Font

- Stainless Steel NUKATAP's with Black Handles

- Beer and Gas disconnects

- 2.6kg full CO2 Bottle

- MK 4 CO2 Regulator

- Plastic Drip tray

- Castor wheels

- All the relevant gas and beer lines, clamps, splitters, shanks, and autoclose springs


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