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XPA Grain Kit


Please Note: This is a grain only kit, full recipe kits are available here.


Our recipe for a light and crispy extra pale ale. Bright citrus flavours and a smooth malty backbone provide a very balanced beer with a light bitterness. The XPA or VPA; depending on who you talk to, is almost a hybrid of the IPA and traditional Pale Ale. Grains that are light in colour lead to a bright coloured body but a strong hop flavour akin to an IPA makes this style delicious for any occasion. We recommend mashing at 67 degrees Celsius for a good body that can handle a big hop flavour.


Our grain kits come in one bag, either milled or unmilled depending on your preference.

 Approximate ABV: 5.3%
Final Volume (fermenter): 22L
Colour (EBC): 9
Approximate Original Gravity: 1.052
Final Gravity: 1.011

Grains Included:


Pale Malt


Pale Wheat