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6 Way Gas Manifold - Barbed - Gas Line Splitter

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A sleek looking gas line managing solution!

Gas manifolds are a great way to manage gas lines and independently stop or allow the flow of gas to independent kegs.

This system features six ball valves with 6mm Barbed attachments. Each Ball valve has an integrated one way check valve to ensure beer doesn't travel up your gas lines leading to sanitation issues or damage to your CO2 bottle and regulator. Due to the nature of the check valves the pressure within your keg will be 1-2 PSI lower than displayed on your regulator. To account for this increase your dispensing pressure by 1-2 PSI.

Compatible Tubing:

- 6mm ID Vinyl 
- 5mm ID Vinyl
- 5mm x 8mm Premium Beverage Tubing
- 5mm x 8mm EVA Tubing
- 4mm x 8mm Premium Beverage Tubing
- 4mm x 8mm EVA Tubing
- VALPAR Tubing 5mm

These manifolds are not suitable for Liquid.


Width: 340mm

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