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Amarillo Single Hop XPA - Extra Pale Ale - All Grain Recipe Kit


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Light malt flavours and a mellow bitterness dance with a burst of Amarillo hop flavours and aromas.


A light malty body with sweet biscuit notes and a dry finish. A moderate dose of Amarillo hops late in the boil and dry hopped brings fresh citrus flavours with notes of orange, grapefruit and citrus. A great beer for those who enjoy a balanced light XPA with a fresh citrus Zing.

 Style: American Pale Ale
Flavour notes: Light, Citrus, Grapefruit, Orange, Crisp, Bready
ABV: 5.0% (assuming 70% efficiency)
Fermenting Temperature: 19°C 
Beer Type: Ale
Total volume produced: 23 Litres
Brewfather recipe link: Amarillo Single Hop XPA


About our all grain recipe kits:

All the ingredients you need to brew your own fresh XPA using premium grains, hops, yeast and finings (if applicable). An instruction sheet including grain names and quantities, mash volumes and temperatures, kettle and fermenter additions and other guidelines is also included. Our all grain recipes are built and tested for Grainfather, Brewzilla, Guten and Braumaster systems, other brew systems are compatible too! 

Included in the Kit:

- 4.9kg XPA Grain Bill
- 100g Amarillo Hop Pellets
- Fermentis US-05 Yeast 

Please note carbonation drops are not included, if bottling you can get them here.


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Amarillo Single Hop XPA - All Grain Recipe

Nice tasty brew. Will be doing this one again



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