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Ascorbic Acid Powder

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A powerful antioxidant perfect for inhibiting the oxidation that's associated with the storage of beer and wine.

Ascorbic acid maintains fresh fruit flavours and stops wine from darkening during the maturation process. Ascorbic acid can also be used as an oxygen scavenging antioxidant in beers and other fermented beverages where oxidation can damage the packaged product. Ascorbic acid will also increase the shelf life of both beer and wine when added before packaging.

All grain brewers can utilise ascorbic acid in strike and sparge water in the same way as Camden tablets to dechlorinate the water. This has the added benefit of protecting the wort from hot side oxidation, this can be particularly helpful for low dose oxygen brewing and brewing light lagers and hazy IPA's.


Create an ascorbic acid solution by mixing your desired dosage of ascorbic acid, calculated from below. Ensure solution is freshly mixed prior to each usage - old solutions will be ineffective.

Preserving wine: 2-5g per 20L added prior to packaging or storage. Add more for each subsequent racking.
Dechlorinating water: 1g in 20L.
Preserving Beer: 3-5g per 20L added prior to mashing or prior to packaging


Keep out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. Store between 5°C and 30°C.



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