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Black River Dry Irish Stout Fresh Wort Kit 20L - Brew HQ Fresh Wort Kit

Fresh Wort Kit

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20L of fresh wort to produce a rich, roasty Irish dry stout.

Black River Dry Irish Stout is your go-to for that classic pint of black. Pouring a deep, dark color with a creamy tan head, it’s packed with rich, roasted malt flavors and hints of dark chocolate and coffee. The smooth, dry finish is perfect for anyone who loves a good stout.

To get the best creamy finish, serve it with low carbonation level,  we'd recommend about 1.2-1.7 volumes of CO2. Alternatively, use 75-25 cellar mix for the absolute best finish. This makes it super smooth and lets the flavors shine through, just like the best stouts you’d find in an Irish pub.

Yeast and dry hops sold separately*


Grains: Ale Malt, Flaked Barley, Roasted Barley
Hops: East Kent Golding 
Mash Temp: Sacc Rest - 67°C, Mash Out 75°C
Makes: 20 litres
Approximate Original Gravity: 1.044
Approximate ABV: 4.3%

Recommended Yeast:

LalBrew Nottingham - Ideal Temperature 16°C - 22°C
Fermentis S-04 - Ideal Temperature 17°C - 24°C
LalBrew Windsor (English Ale Yeast): Ideal Temperature 17-21°C
Mangrove Jack's M15 (Empire Ale Yeast): Ideal Temperature 18-22°C 
Safbrew S-33: Ideal Temperature 15-24°C
Omega Yeast Lutra Kveik: Ideal Temperature 20-35°C (we would only recommend this yeast for brewing in hot climates if you have no temperature control - we have found the above strains produce much better results)

Recommended Dry Hops:

No dry hops recommended for this fresh wort kit.


1. Sanitise your fermenter and brewing equipment.
2. Ensure the temperature of the fresh wort is within range of your selected yeast strains ideal fermentation temperature.
3. Pour the contents of the fresh wort kit into your sanitised fermenter. Pour the fresh wort hard into your fermenter. Splashing of the wort allows the wort to dissolve oxygen which ensures a healthy fermentation.
4. Pitch the yeast into the wort.
5. Add the recommended dry hops (if applicable), as fermentation is nearly finished.
6. Ferment your beer until the gravity is stable.
7. Bottle or keg your beer.
8. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robbie Grimes
Top quality

Sensational kit full of flavour and similar to guinness highy recommend for people seeking a dary creamy stout off the nitrogen very very good 5 stars

Skete Bennett
Taste good

Iam not a stout drinker did this for my father in law. He is yet to try it but I have had a couple and I do really enjoy it. If my father in law doesn’t come around soon I don’t think there will be any left for him.

Great Stout!!

Still very young but first 10 days the brew is very much on par with Guiness cans. Keen to invest in a nitro setup and try again. Very good brew. Looking forward to see how it ages if it gets the chance.



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