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Camlock Type A - Male x 1/2 inch Female BSP

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The easiest way to quickly couple and decouple vessels from each other, cam-locks easily attach and detach from each other using a twin arm system. Each cam lock uses a silicon o-ring between the male and female coupling; this ensures you get a quality seal that will also stand the test of time. Silicon is also heat rated meaning these vessels are safe to use on mash tuns, boilers, counterflow or immersion chillers and more.

Unlike quick disconnects and other similar connections cam locks don't rely on tight tolerances and ball bearings to form a quality seal. This means as long as your silicon o-ring is in good condition and the cam lock is in good condition you will get a seal that is rated to 11 bar (150 psi). Please note most vinyl tubing or silicon tubing is not rated to these pressures.

Made from food grade 304 stainless steel.

When you are incorporating cam locks into your vessels we recommend using female cam locks on the system and male cam locks on your transfer hose; this ensures your tubing doesn't have bulky ends and makes brew days less stressful and less problematic.



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