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Dark Crystal Malt - Steeping Pack - 250g

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Adds rich caramel notes and mild roasty flavours. Dark crystal will add a significant amount of colour to the final beer too.

Used in combination with a standard extract beer recipe. Dark crystal adds a rich toffee flavour with notes of dark rich caramel. Adds body and mild roasty notes. Dark crystal is a great addition to robust beer styles such as porters, stouts, amber ales and dark ales.

Steeping packs come pre crushed for convenience and ease of use.


Dosage: 50 - 250g per 23L batch.

How to use steeping grains:

1. In a small pot bring 2L of water to a simmer then turn off the heat. Do not boil the grains as this can add an astringent flavour to your final beer.
2. Add your steeping grains to the pot and stir to ensure all grains are wet.
3. Add lid to your steeping pot and allow to steep for 20 minutes.
4. Using a mesh strainer or similar strain out all of the grain before adding it to your sanitised fermenter. This hot grain liquid can be used to dissolve your other malt extracts.
5. Continue your brew day following the same brewing processes you normally would, adding your other ingredients to the fermenter as per normal.

Great when used in:

- Darker Pale ales
- IPA's
- Stouts
- Porters
- Amber Ales
- Bock
- Pale Ale
- Dark Lagers
- Amber Lagers

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