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Briess Yellow Corn Flakes (Gelatinised Corn)

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An easy and effective way to incorporate corn into your beers, whiskey or bourbon.

Used by all grain brewers, can be used in both beer and spirit applications. This corn has been pre gelatinised* making it extremely easy to work with and means it it not necessary to cereal mash this product. As they have been pre gelatinised they will convert during mashing faster than traditional corn (maize) and won't turn into a thick mess that is closely associated with high percentages of corn in the mash.

Does not add colour to your beers and gives a faint unique flavour that works particularly well in lagers, particularly those with a clean dry flavour such as American lagers and Mexican Cerveza.

*Gelatinisation, or starch gelatinisation as it pertains to grain, is a process in which heat is used to break down the hydrogen bonds in starches. This starch is broken into smaller, more simple sugars. The benefit of using pre gelatinised grain is that it both makes the broken down sugars more soluble as well as lowers the amount of starch in your mash. Starch in the mash will create a viscous syrup similar to a thick cooking sauce that doesn't convert well and makes for a long and tiresome brew day. Pre gelatinised grains are not fully converted so it is still necessary to use a diastatic malt or enzyme to fully convert the sugar before fermentation.



Use 5 - 20% in beers for a dry finish and lighter body.


Use up to 100% in corn whiskeys or bourbon; when using percentages over 50% we highly recommend using an Alpha Amylase and Glucoamylase to get full conversion from your mash as this malt is not diastatic. Use 10 - 20g of each enzyme per 25L batch and follow instructions listed on the packaging. As both Alpha and Glucoamylase are enzymes they will have different operating temperatures, times and dosages based on supplier.



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