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Mangrove Jack's International Series Dutch Lager

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Light and refreshing with a balanced malt body and bitterness.

Give this brew a try if you love:

 - Heineken
 - Peroni Nastro Azzurro
 - Stella Artois

This favourite of the Amsterdam crowd is now readily available in most bars of the world. A crisp golden refreshing lager.

Generic Yeast Included in Lid.

1.7kg of hopped liquid malt extract.

Batch Statistics:

Target ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 16-24
EBC: 2-8

Tips for making your best beer:

- Use soft water
- Use dechlorinated water or add a Campden Tablet to your brewing water before brewing
- Use a good brew enhancer
- Use a strain of yeast suited to the style of beer you plan on brewing
- Keep fermentation at a constant temperature that the strain of yeast you are brewing with is happy in (generally listed on the packet, on our site, or online; if not flick us an email!)
- After carbonation condition for at least a few weeks
- Keep the entire process as sanitary as possible

Customer Reviews

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Brad Hall

Ready to bottle looks like lager and tastes like a lager. Can’t wait to try once ready.


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