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King Keg 20L PET Ball Lock Keg

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A budget friendly keg option made in Australia from opaque PET with an active oxygen scavenger that can keep beverages fresh for up to 18 months.

Traditional 19L stainless steel ball lock kegs can be expensive for new brewers who want to break out from bottling into kegging. PET kegs are a modern alternative for those who want to start getting without breaking the bank. 20L Ball Lock King Kegs are slightly wider (2.6cm) than a standard Cornelius variety keg and hold 20 litres instead of just 19.The integrated handles, make carrying easy and Ball Lock King Kegs work exactly like corny kegs with ball lock disconnects. These kegs include both a floating dip tube option as well as rigid dip tube option to suit your needs. These kegs have a 2 year service life and will need to be hydro tested after this period to ensure they are still safe after this period. These kegs are fitted with standard ball lock fittings making them suitable for use with standard black and grey ball lock disconnects used on traditional Cornelius style kegs.


Weight: 1kg
Material: P.E.T.
Pressure Tested: 5bar
Max Working Pressure: 4bar (58psi)


Height: 575mm
Width: 237mm
Volume:  20L


Misuse or mishandling of PET pressure products can result in damage and injury to persons and property. Ensure to follow the below guidelines at all times. Every King Keg is individually pressure tested at the Keg King manufacturing facility in Springvale, Victoria AU. 
- Keep PET pressure vessels out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will degrade the PET material.
- DO NOT expose to temperatures exceeding 35C.
- DO NOT apply external pressure or fermentation pressure to the tank above 2.5Bar (35psi)

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