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Kegmaster Series XL Premium Kegerator Fridge Pack

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A powerful and efficient refrigeration unit, with the larger capacity to fit four 19 Litre kegs or one 50 Litre commercial keg!

Get Four Kegs On Tap With Kegmaster™ XL Kegerators and save space as well as cooling times! Kegmaster™ XL Kegerators are the fastest way to get up to FOUR 19 Litre (5 gallon) ball lock kegs on tap in your home, café, bar or mancave. Since the first Kegmaster™ kegerators were release in 2009, Keg King has continually upgraded the tap equipment, performance and volume of their kegerator range.

The KegMaster™ XL, released in May 2022, is a powerful and efficient refrigeration unit, with the larger capacity to fit four 19 Litre kegs or one 50 Litre commercial keg. Keg King increased the internal volume to 160 Litres and kept these kegerators compact so they fit practically anywhere you want to put; beer, cider, wine, premixed drinks, soda water, kombucha, espresso martinis and more. 

With built in low profile rollers KegMaster™ XL kegerators are simple to move into position to start pouring.

You’ll also get to select how many taps you need. We have KegMaster™ XL models in single, double, triple and quadruple tap arrays that come with the ultimate laminar flow stainless steel faucets on the market, the UltraTap!

 Our Fridge Pack includes our newly improved MKX Regulators for dispensing CO2 to serve your draft system with percision and reliability.


  • Built in rollers for easy moving – removeable and upgradeable to castors
  • Reversible Door – orient to open how you like
  • Font Fan with speed control – keeps your font cold and runs more quietly
  • Internal light – handy for inspecting keg connections
  • Fits standard fonts – choose how many taps you require
  • Suitable for free standing installations – can also be installed under counters
  • R600a Refrigerant – environmentally friendly


  • Kegmaster Series XL Fridge
  • MKX CO2 Regulator
  • Font Cooling Hose
  • Plastic Drip Tray
  • Fridge Shelf

Fridge Specifications:

Height:  850 mm (with rollers) 830 mm (without rollers) 890 mm (with castors)
Width:   600 mm
Depth:   640 mm
Internal Height:   724.9 mm
Internal Width:   511.9 mm
Internal Depth:   405.1 mm
Volume:   160 L
Weight:   43 Kg
Power:   220-240V 50Hz
Climate Class:   T
Refrigerant:   R600a (40g)
Insulation:   Cyclopentane
Packaged dimensions: H 88cm W 66cm D 69cm

Instruction Manual:

Kegmaster Series XL Premium Kegerator Fridge User Manual

Further information:

Ventilation: the fridge MUST have proper ventilation around itself in order to cool properly and to maximise its lifespan
Out of direct sunlight: the fridge MUST NOT be in direct sunlight
Indoors fridge: this fridge is designed to be installed inside, in a nicely ventilated area
Class T: this fridge has been tested under the tropical climate conditions

Our KegMaster Series XL needs good airflow to help it achieve optimum cooling power. The ideal setback, or spacing, is as per below (when facing the fridge):

  • 10cm on each side
  • 5-10cm at the back
  • No setback required on the top, can be installed flush to a counter top
  • No setback required underneath*
  • No setback at the front
  • Can not be enclosed into a cabinet, it must have vents

*It is recommended to have your Series XL KegMaster elevated from the floor, in case any moisture settles under it, the spacing will help dissipate it.

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