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Light Dried Malt Extract - LDME

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An extract of barley malt used for a range of brewing purposes.

Light dry malt extract is an extract of malted barley. Malt extract adds more body, flavour, malt character, head retention and mouthfeel to extract beer kits. Also known as DME or LDME. Light dry malt extract contains approximately 3% water by weight while liquid malt extract contains approximately 30% by weight. Contains gluten.

Dried malt extract will add appromiately 380 gravity points/L/Kg.

Light malt extract is not 100% fermentable and will increase your final gravity when compared to dextrose or table sugar.


Use 1-3kg of dry malt extract in conjunction with a hopped malt extract (beer tin). More malt extract will provide a higher final gravity as well as alcohol content.

Beers can also be produced from entirely light dry malt extract however as this is an unhopped malt extract there will be no bitterness unless hops are steeped or boiled.

Use 4kg in 25L to produce a whiskey mash.


Store in a cool dry place. Reseal packaging after opening and store in fridge to ensure freshness and flavour. For best results use within 1 year(s) of purchase date.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Conor Jones
LDME is good for me

Gives a great malty flavour to my hazy pales. Cheers

Stewart phillis

Brilliant way to adjust starting gravity into a brew without putting too much colour in. Really easy to use - just pour your measured quantity into the FV and watch it quickly dissolve.

Graeme Steadman
Home brew

The service was amazing.
The consultant went above expectations and was super knowledgeable. Definitely going to buy my kits from there in the future
My brew didn't ferment which was disappointing.
I did maintain temp between 20-24degrees

Paul Bray
Smooth and well rounded

A solid performer adds good body and mouthfeel with gentle malt and caramel flavours.

Brett Ivers
Light Malt

Great malt, great service - thanks Matt



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