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Premium Beverage Tubing 5mm x 8mm


Premium beverage hose produced by Micromatic, a global leader in the kegging, dispensing and beverage industry.

8mm external diameter 5mm internal SPERFLEXMASTER tubing. This is our recommended tubing for all things dispensing and beverage related.


- High Flexibility

- Kink Resistant

- Smooth inner lining made from a co-polymer

- Longer periods of time between cleaning cycles in comparison to EVA and vinyl tubing

- Compatible with John Guest (recommended) or duotight and other John Guest style speed fittings

- Compatible with barbed fittings

SUPERFLEXMASTER tubing is safe for 180psi (10 bar) plus, however we recommend not exceeding 50 psi in any homebrewing scenario to reduce risks.

In the Quantity tab please enter the amount of tubing (in meters) you would like, we will cut and send that amount of tubing.