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Pure Distilling Deluxe Distillery Kit - Reflux and Pot Bundle

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Everything you need to make a wash plus both a reflux and pot condenser - just add a 25L boiler!

The Pure Distilling Distillery Kit contains everything needed to make, ferment, and filter a wash! A 25L boiler is required to distil using the included condensers, boiler sold separately. The high quality, Australian Made copper reflux Spirit Maker condenser is included to effortlessly deliver the best quality neutral spirit. The Spirit Maker condenser is covered by a 5 year guarantee!  Please note this kit does not include a 25L boiler (sold separately).


- Spirit Maker Condenser with high yield output tap
- Pot Still Condenser
- Digital Thermometer for Pot Condenser
- Rum Turbo Yeast
- Whiskey Turbo Yeast
- Plastic Hose Connectors and 4m of 12.5mm clear vinyl tubing
- Smart Filter with stainless internals, clever Stainless plug and filter cartridge
- Premium Spirit Yeast, Crystal Clear, Spirit Enhancer & Distilling Conditioner
- 30l pail fermenter with tap, grommet, airlock, 60cm stirring paddle and stick on thermometer
- Easyclean only for use with the plastic fermenter
- 5l Pourmaxx Measuring jug, distilling thermometer with alarm, hydrometer and alcometer
- Six Pure Distilling Essences
- 4l Chunk Soaking Pail with 100g samples of Bourbon Barrel Chunks and Whisky Port Barrel Chunks.

LEGALITY: In Australia it is illegal to distil your own alcohol for consumption without a licence from the ATO. In Australia you can use a still of up to 5lt capacity without a distiller’s licence for either water purification or essential oil extraction. 

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