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Sakura Summit Rice Lager 20L Fresh Wort Kit - Brew HQ Fresh Wort Kit


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20L of fresh wort to produce a dry, crisp Japanese style lager.

Sakura (the Japanese word for cherry blossom) Summit is a refreshing Japanese style lager that embodies the light, delicate flavours of spring. With its bright, malty notes and crisp finish, it's like taking a sip of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Featuring a large dose of flaked rice accompanied by pilsner malt this beer finishes super dry with a crisp and crushable body. This beer is perfect for those seeking a refreshing and approachable drinking experience. Kanpai!

Yeast sold separately*


Grains: Pilsner, Flaked Rice
Hops: Warrior
Mash Temp: Sacc Rest - 65°C
Makes: 20 litres


1. Sanitise your fermenter and brewing equipment.
2. Ensure the temperature of the fresh wort is within range of your selected yeast strains ideal fermentation temperature.
3. Pour the contents of the fresh wort kit into your sanitised fermenter. Pour the fresh wort hard into your fermenter. Splashing of the wort allows the wort to dissolve oxygen which ensures a healthy fermentation.
4. Pitch the yeast into the wort.
5. Add the recommended dry hops (if applicable), as fermentation is nearly finished.
6. Ferment your beer until the gravity is stable.
7. Bottle or keg your beer.
8. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rice lager

Very nice and crisp will definitely be purchasing and making again!!

Tom Fletcher
Top brew

This is an easy drinking lager perfect for a hot summer day in Perth
Dry hopped it with 50g of Hallautau creamy head and low IBU
Will be buying this again for sure
Well done



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