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Series X Plus Kegerator Fridge

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Chill and dispense from up to eight 19 litre Cornelius kegs!

Compact, lightweight and energy efficient with the ability to store up to 8 19 litre Cornelius kegs or two 50 litre kegs. Dispense from up to 8 different beer styles when you add a tower configuration with multiple options ranging from 1 tap all the way up to two sets of four taps (8 taps total).

Features two font holes to allow you to run up to eight individual taps. This is a completely customisable unit with options ranging from a single tap all the way to eight taps. 


1 x Series X Plus Fridge
1 x MK 4 CO2 Regulator
2 x Black Honeycomb Drip Trays
3 x Standard Castor Wheels
3 x Lockable Castor Wheels
1 x 2.6kg CO2 Cylinder Mounting Bracket
1 x Chrome Plated Guard Rail

Fridge Specifications:

External Width: 900mm
External Depth: 708mm
External Height: 840mm
External Height with castor wheels: 890mm

Further information:

The series X fridge has one radiator in both the left and right wall. This means a minimum clearance of 100mm is required for this unit to function properly. Failure to provide enough clearance may void the warranty and cause premature failure of the unit. 

There is some assembly required with this unit that may include:
- Attaching the font to the fridge
- Attaching shanks to the font
- Connecting gas or beer lines to ball lock disconnects
These steps are all simple and straightforward, a full instruction sheet and operation manual is included in the kegerator upon purchase from us.

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