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Spiced Ginger Beer - Extract Recipe Kit


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Brew your own alcoholic ginger beer bursting with warm winter spices and a fresh ginger zap!


A fresh and happy ginger beer with complex spice notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and liquorice with a lingering warm spice note. Finishes sweet with a low final sugar content. This kit includes artificial sweetener in the ginger concentrate. Produces 4% ABV or 6% ABV depending on the amount of dextrose selected at checkout.

Gluten Free!

Approximate ABV: 4% or 6%
Final Volume (fermenter): 21L
Colour (EBC): 2
Ideal Fermenting Temperature: 20 °C - 25 °C
Sweet, Gingery, Cinnamon, Warmth, Warm Spices
Brewing method: Extract

Brew HQ Recipe Kits:

We design our recipe kits with flavour and quality in mind. This means using fresh, quality ingredients and utilising them in the right ways. We stand behind the quality of our recipe kits and would proudly brew and drink them ourselves. If you have an issue with your recipe kit, a question, or just want to have a brewing chat - contact us! We love to get feedback and help in any way we can. To produce an awesome beer some of recipe kits include steeping grains and/or malt blends with steeping grains and hops. 

You'll love this kit if you like:

- Matsos Ginger Beer
- Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer

What you need to brew this kit:

- 30L Fermenter with tap airlock and stick on thermometer
- Mixing Paddle
- Hydrometer
- Steriliser
- Bottles and bottling equipment (if bottling)
- Hop Bag to steep your grains
- Small cooking pot

    Please note: ABV will be 0.5% higher when bottling and this kit does not include carbonation drops or priming sugar. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Spiced Ginger Beer - Extract Recipe Kit

    Very tasty brew, well worth giving a go.

    Jesse Elphick

    First attempt at ginger beer went great. Matt is always ready with any questions and is a great help.



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