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Stellarsan Sanitiser 500mL

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100% Food Grade non-rise sanitiser that can be diluted to 500L with our dual chamber mixing bottle compartment. Simply twist off the small measuring compartments lid, squeeze the bottle and it will start to fill that chamber only.

Even when you're finished sanitising your products in a bucket for example, you can still re-use the sanitiser over and over again. Making it a no-brainer for your brewing sanitising needs and the cost to you is greatly reduced.

The new and improved phosphoric acid blend provides a unique microorganism killing system, unaffected by organic soils and delivering a high foaming formulation with optimum coverage and penetration.

Please note foam is okay! Pour your wort directly onto the foam as this is a foaming non-rinse formulation. Our formula can be metabolised by the yeast and will act as a nutrient actually assisting yeast growth.  Follow this procedure and it will not impart any off-odors or flavours.

Unlike other harsh chemical sanitisers StellarSan is a non-staining, safe stainless steel, and stable over a wide range of temperatures. 

Phosphoric acid which is in this formulation also helps keep your stainless in good condition and will improve the stainless properties

Customer Reviews

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Trying it out for the first time, I have used other sanitizers and they have all worked well for me. Stellarsan Sanitizer 500mL is much soapier which left allot of bubbles inside the bottles making it impossible to fill the bottle up without spilling beer. I had to rinse out the residue with hot water a couple of times for each bottle increasing my work, mixed in accordance to the instructions and made in PRC (China) I preferer to use the products from Australia which is available and easier to use without downtime.

Arthur Dos-santos

Great service

Joel Richardson
BrewHQ 4 U

Cheaper price and at least as good if not better than *san IMHO.
Mat is a legend.

Product review

Stellarsan great product better than starsan much cheaper price and great help and support from the store employees


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