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2400W Voltage Regulator - Power Controller - Gen 2

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Adjust the amount of power being delivered to heating elements in your brewing system.

The new and improved Generation 2 - 2400 watt Power Controller. Suitable for Homebrewers, distillers and any other means of power wattage adjustment up to 2400 watt (Standard 10 amp). If you do not know if your electrical device can be reduced in power without failing, contact the manufacturer or an electrician.

We do not recommend plugging this unit into anything higher than a 10amp plug. Meaning you cannot use the 3600w Tri-Clover Element with this unit. We should also point out that if you do use this on a BrewZilla or Digiboil, that you will only be able to reduce 10-30% worth of power before the display turns off. Once the display turns off, so does the elements.

Most household plugs are capable of outputting 2400 watts while this voltage controller can 4000 watts, this gives you the peace of mind that your controller will not overheat or break. Do not use this product with systems drawing more than 2400 watts.

Please do not power multiple units with the one controller or run multiple units on one circuit. If you're unsure please contact a registered electrician and get them to take a look.



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