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NEW - Winexpert Washington Yakima Pinot Gris - Wine Making Kit

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Make your own premium wine at home from some of the best global varieties of grape from easy to use juice concentrates from around the globe.

A full wine making kit containing all the ingredients to make 23L of delicious wine in 6-8 weeks. 

This winemaking kit contains all the ingredients to produce your next batch; you will also need the following equipment:
- Food grade Plastic fermenter (30L capacity or more)
- 23L Plastic or Glass carboy with bung and airlock
- Syphon and Syphon tubing
- Hydrometer
- Hydrometer Sample Jar
- Thermometer
- Large Mixing Paddle
- Cleaner and Sanitiser
- 30 x 750mL wine bottles and closures

Don't have any equipment yet? Click here to view the winemaking starter kit!


Style and region: Pinot Gris, Yakima Valley, Washington.
Flavours: Bright and fresh palate of green apple, melon, and lemon zest. Fruit-forward with crisp acidity.
Sweetness: Dry
Oak: None
Body: Medium
Alcohol: 13.0%
Makes: 23L
Concentrate: 14L undiluted
Time from brewing to drinking: 6-8 weeks


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