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Duotight 8mm Equal T-Piece - 3 Way Joiner

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Splits 8mm OD beverage and gas tubing.

If you need to split your gas line to dispense from multiple kegs using the same gas bottle and regulator this is the piece you'll want. This T-Piece can also be used to split beverage line however doing so can cause more turbulence and potentially foaming.

Duotight fittings are a type of push-in connector commonly used in the beverage industry, particularly in homebrewing and draft beer systems. They are known for their ease of use, reliability, and ability to create a secure and leak-free connection without the need for clamps or tools. 

Compatible with:

5mm x 8mm EVA Tubing - Per Meter
5mm x 8mm EVA Tubing - 12m Roll
4mm x 8mm EVA Tubing - Per Meter
4mm x 8mm EVA Tubing - 12m Roll


Push-Fit Design: Duotight fittings utilise a push-fit mechanism, which allows you to easily insert tubing into the fitting without the need for clamps or additional tools. This makes installation and removal quick and convenient.

Leak-Free Seal: These fittings are designed to create a tight, leak-free seal, ensuring that liquids and gases do not escape from the connection. This is especially important in applications involving pressurized systems, such as draft beer setups. Duotight fittings are less likely to leak thanks to the dual o-ring system.

Reusability: They can be easily disconnected and reused, which is beneficial for systems that require frequent cleaning or reconfiguration.



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